Meet the National EVSW Contact Points

ReferNet: European network of expertise on VET

The Ministry for Innovation and Technology and the IKK Innovative Training Support Center Plc. successfully applied in 2019 to operate the ReferNet project in Hungary for the years 2020-2023  acting as national partners in Cedefop’s European network for information on VET.

The mission devoted to ReferNet is to support Cedefop by reporting on national VET systems and policy developments and by raising the visibility of VET and Cedefop’s products. It comprises 30 members known as ReferNet national partners from EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. ReferNet national partners are key institutions involved in VET or labour market policies in the country they represent  

The Hungarian national partners  concluded a four-year framework partnership agreement, with the Cedefop and a  specific grant agreement for the work plan to be carried out in 2020.  

Being a partner institution of the ReferNet network gives the possibility  to enhance international cooperation in VET, which is an important aim of the Hungarian  „Vocational Education and Training (VET) 4.0 – mid-term policy strategy for the renewal of VET and Adult Education (AE)  which sets up the directions for the  legal provisions of the new Act LXXX/2019 on VET.  Hungary - as other countries – faces challenges: to be competitive in the global economy, to keep its labour-market flexibility, to be able to meet the new and changing demands of the economy, to encourage people to  take part in the lifelong learning process is a necessity.. We can give well functioning solutions to this demands only if we cooperate on an international level with the relevant  VET and AL stakeholders. Thus we can gather comparable information on VET in the EU, learning from each other’s  relevant experiences and good practices, and sharing ours too. Our aim is also to share the information gathered in the course of the implementation of the project   with the Hungarian VET  stakeholders contributing  to make them able  to understand better the „big picture” of VET which can be  a useful help to their everyday  working  practice. Our aim is to reach through the ReferNet project’s Facebook  website (ReferNet Hungary) and the Cedefop’s Photo Award   VET students too.  

The Hungarian ReferNet national partners believe that the quality VET is useful not only for the economy, it can be also a path to personal fulfillment. 


Coronavirus and the European job market: where the pandemic hit the hardest in spring 2020

European employers advertised 35% fewer jobs in online job portals in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. This significant drop during the first lockdown, identified using Cedefop’s skills OVATE system, provides valuable insights into the impact the coronavirus crisis had on the EU labour market.

Time to read: 4 mins

Meet the National EVSW Contact Points

The organizers of the European Vocational Skills Week announced that 12 organisations have accepted the role of National Contact Point for the EWSW 2020. They’ll be playing a crucial role in supporting local event/activity organisers and spreading the word about European Vocational Skills Week.

Time to read: 5 mins


The conference is associated with the European Vocational Skills Week 2020, of which the EfVET is an official partner.

Time to read: 4 mins

Accredited Examination Centres (AEC) in IVET and CVET

To raise the quality of VET programmes offered by IVET schools and by adult education and training providers the new Act LXXX/2019 on VET provides that they have to operate an Accredited Examination Centre (Akkreditált Vizsgaközpont). The National Accreditation Office (Nemzeti Akkreditációs Hivatal) is entitled to certify an AEC, based on the standards defined by the Hungarian Standards Institution (Magyar Szabványügyi Testület).

Time to read: 3 mins

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